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FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions)

Here are answers to some of the most-frequently-asked questions for new patients at Acupuncture Associates. Additional information can be found by reviewing the other pages of our site through the links at left. If you have additional questions, please call one of our offices.

Q: How does Acupuncture Work?

A: Acupuncture works through the energy path-ways, hormones, and enzymes of the body. Fine, sterilized, disposable stainless steel needles are inserted into the skin and muscle to various depths.

Q: Is Acupuncture Painful?

A: Acupuncture is usually not painful. If a tingling sensation is experienced, it is usually transient, often indicates that the treatment will be successful. The needles are usually left in place for 15 to 30 minutes.

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A: Ten treatments are typical, but sometimes more or fewer are required. The number of treatments depends on the type of illness or discomfort. Other variables including the age and health of patient, and the length of illness, are also factors. In some cases an improvement can be seen after the first treatment. For other conditions, it may take several treatments before an improvement can be seen.

Q: Can You Guarantee My Condition Will Improve with Acupuncture?

A: In both Eastern and Western medicine, the are no guarantees, just results. Acupuncture works on the body as a whole; therefore; the healing process is gradual rather than immediate. There are some cases where instant improvement is noticed by the patient after treatment.

Q: Will My Insurance Cover Acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture treatments are currently tax deductible by the IRS. Some insurance companies will honor claims for payment. You can find out if your insurance provides acupuncture benefits by calling your insurance company's patient information or benefits telephone number (typically found on the back of your membership card).

If your insurance provider DOES cover acupuncture, here are a few questions that you can ask to determine the extent of your eligibility and coverage:

  1. Do I have to go to an in-plan provider?
  2. What percentage will I have to pay for services provided by out-of-network acupuncture providers?
  3. How many treatments are authorized on my plan?
  4. What is my normal co-pay for acupuncture service?
  5. What is my deductible?

We suggest you call you insurance provider in advance of your first appointment. Our office staff will be happy to try to answer any additional questions you may have.

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