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Our Patient Testimonials

Fern Tsao is a Maine treasure! I have seen her
for almost two decades now, and she has
always managed to skillfully and gently help me
come back from even the most difficult health problems.
She's a most-gifted acupuncurist and healer.
Mona Lisa S.

I've been allergic to many things since I was a baby.
My mother read about NAET on the internet and found Fern.
When we went to Fern, we thought I was just allergic
to cats, dust, mold and pollen. She found that I was
also allergic to several major food groups.
I've been for several treatments already and
Fern is "clearing" my allergies one by one.
For the first time in my life I know what
it's like to wake up feeling well.
It's great!
Audrey B. age 15

In 1993 I broke my leg when I slipped on the ice.
I came to Fern to get my body back in balance.
Achieving that, I did not return for a year. Then I came
back to relieve stress from a traumatic event in my life.
I've been coming once a week ever since, and
I have found my energy increasing and
I am getting older. Fern is a true healer.
Bob L.

It's impossible to express all that [Fern's] done for me.
I call her "my Chinese mother".
Virginia H.

Fern has been my acupuncturist since about 1982.
She has unusual and extensive diagnostic skills
which compliment her healing modalities.
I continue to experience healing and improvement
in health despite countless bodily needs.
Majorie W.

Great, compassionate health care.

Acupuncture Associates has given me back the joy,
peace, and sense of well being I experienced
in my carefree youth. With their guidance,
my physical health continues to improve
as I am healing from Lyme disease."

Fern Tsao and her team at Acupuncture Associates
have become a part of my family. I never thought
that getting poked with needles would be
a pleasant experience, but it is. After Fern
inserts the needles, she always asks how I feel
and then gives me a soft pat on the leg or arm
before exiting the room. That touch of a healer
combined with the treatments sets her
far above the competition in my book.


Fern Tsao is an acupuncturist doing accupuncture in Maine. Here are patient testimonials for her services which range from NAET allergy elimination to chinese herbology and other tradtional Chinese medicine.
Here are our patients' experiences and testimonials for their accupuncture treatment by Fern Tsao. Accupuncture.